UGA's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has recognized the success of the Georgia Debate Union in 2018 - read about it here (along with the other successes at UGA):

The Georgia Debate Union finished the first semester ranked first in the varsity division of both the National Debate Tournament and American Debate Association points standings.  The team is ranked third in the Cross-Examination Debate Association standings at semester's end as well.  

The team of Advait Ramanan and Swapnil Agrawal also received their second invitation to the prestigious Dartmouth Round Robin, held at Dartmouth College over MLK weekend.  They are the first team in UGA's history to earn back-to-back invites to the competition, which invites only the top 7 college policy debate teams in a round-robin format.  Advait and Swapnil finished 4th at Dartmouth last year and are hoping to win the competition in January! 

Go Dawgs! 

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - 10:50am