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Graduate Alumni

Graduate student alumni in Communication Studies (CS) and Rhetorical Studies (RS) have found rewarding jobs in academe, government agencies and the private sector. Some examples are provided below:

Name Employer Job Title Email Address
Abbott (Bell), Leslie (I&H)  Medical University of South Carolina Research Navigator
Abbott (Pittman) Tara (I&H)  Medical University of South Carolina Marketing & Recruitment Director  
Abbott, Blake (RS) University of Richmond
Achter, Paul (RS)  University of Richmond Associate Professor and Department Chair
Andersen, Kristin (I&H) 
Arata, Kevin (I&H) City of Fayetteville Corporate Communications Director (?)
Atchinson, Jarrod (RS) Wake Forest University Assistant Professor/Director of Debate
Atkins-Sayre, Wendy (RS) University of Southern Mississippi  Department Chair
Barrientos, Samantha (I&H) Disease Control and Prevention Services HIV Care Services Consultant  
Basinger, Erin Diane University of North Carolina at Charlotte Assistant Professor 
Bates, Ben (RS) Ohio University Professor 
Bellon, Joe (RS) Georgia State University Debate 
Betsy Bigsby (I&H) U of Illinois  Assistant Professor  
Bevan, Jennifer (I&H)  Chapman University Professor 
Bigsby, Elisabeth (I&H) University of Illinois Assistant Professor
Brockmann, Breena (RS)
Brooks, Carolyn (I&H) UnitedHealthcare Community&State. Director of Strategic Initiatives
Brown-Givens, Sonja (I&H)       Medaille College Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Brown, Brittany (I&H) Wounded Warrior Project 
Caban, Sarah University of Georgia Adjunct Lecturer  
Caudill, Sally (RS) City of Canmore Communication Director 
Caudle, Courtney Alexis Vanderbilt University  Post Doc Fellow (not sure if she still is or not)  
Cisneros, J. David (RS) University of Illinois Associate Professor;
Coleman, Marcus (I&H) University of Southern Mississippi Assistant Professor; (?)
Coles Cone, Valerie (I&H) University of Georgia (SCAD University 2018) Adjunct Lecturer (Professor of Liberal Arts in Communication) 
Comer, Sarah (I&H) Research and Insights at The Advisory Board Company Relationship Manager 
Cunill, Mary Lee (I&H) Florida State College at Jacksonville Assistant Professor 
Curran, Timothy Utah State University Assistant Professor
Deeb, Anna Dudney Brenau University Assistant Professor  
Demetria McNeal (I&H) U of Colorada Denver Researcher  
Dillow, Megan (I&H) West Virginia University Associate Professor; 
Dorgan, Kelly (I&H) East Tennessee State University Professor 
Dubriwny, Tasha N. (RS) Texas A&M University Associate Professor 
Duggan, Ashley (I&H) Boston College Professor
Duong, Hue (I&H) Georgia State University Assistant Professor
Edwards Tassie, Keisha (I&H) Morehouse College Associate Professor
Egbert, Nicole (I&H) Kent State University  Professor 
Faust, Andrew (I&H) Jackson Spalding Multimedia Health Communication Specialist;
Fay, Isabel (I&H) Longwood University Tenure Track Assistant Professor  
Fellows, Kelli (I&H)  UNC-Wilmington Associate Professor at Graduate School of Business and Leadership  
Fitzmaurice, Megan Irene University of Maryland Doctoral Student
Flores, Lisa (RS) University of Colorado, Boulder Associate Professor 
Formo, Andrea (RS) Environmental Resources Management Public Affairs Specialist, St. Cloud, MN 
Frank, Robert (RS) Retired 
Garton (Valeria), Rebekah Karen Falls Church Anglican Assistant Director, Middle School Youth 
Gerrits, Debra (I&H) University of Georgia Athletics 
Greene, Kathryn (I&H)  Rutgers University Professor 
Gronnvoll, Marita (RS)  Eastern Illinois University Associate Professor
Groscurth, Christopher (I&H) Gallup 
Grossman, Jeremy Baylor University Lecturer  
Guan, Mengfei Milwaukee Adjunct Lecturer  
Hallsby, Atilla University of Minnesota Assistant Professor
Harris, Shawna Gwynne Missouri Western State University Associate Professor
Harris, Tina M. (I&H) University of Georgia  Professor 
Harris, Virgie Nobles (RS) Fort Valley State     
Hasian, Marouf (RS) University of Utah 
Holland, Shannon (RS) Southwestern University 
Householder, Brian (I&H) Rutgers University Director of Undergraduate Studies; 
Hovick, Shelly (I&H) Ohio State University Assistant Professor 
Huggins, Christin Bates (I&H) University of Georgia Lecturer 
Humphreys, Laura (I&H) Meredith College 
Hurt, Nicole (RS) College of St. Benedict at St. John’s University Assistant Professor
Jang, Kyungeun Yonsei University Doctoral Student
Jenkins, Eric (RS) University of Cincinnati; 
Jenson, Will (RS) Trinity University
Jordan, John (RS) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Associate Professor 
Keck, Laura (I&H) The Polling Place, Inc.    
Keeley-Jonker, Bethany Lynn Trinity Christian College Associate Professor 
Kline, Kim (RS) University of Texas at San Antonio Professor 
Kollar, Laura Min Mercer (I&H)  National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Behavioral Scientist
Laliker, Melanie (I&H) Bridgewater College Department Head 
Landau, Jamie (RS) Keene State College Coordinator of Faculty Enrichment & Associate Professor 
Lannutti, Pam (I&H) LaSalle University Professor
Lemieux, Robert (I&H) McDaniel College 
Long, Lynette M. (RS) Middle Tennessee State University     
Lynch, John (RS) University of Cincinnati Associate Professor  
Macera, Devon (I&H) Care Management Organization at Montefiore Medical Center Program Manager, Dual Population Strategy and Operations
Maddux, Kristy (RS) University of Maryland Associate Professor 
Malsin, Mikaela (RS) Georgetown University Director of Debate  
Marinelli, Kevin (RS) Davidson College Visiting Assistant Professor
Markle, Lauren Marie      
McCauliff, Kristen (RS) Ball State University Associate Professor
Mcnaughton, Melanie Joy (RS) Bridgewater University Department Head 
McNeal, Demetria (I&H)  University of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus Research Associate;  
Miller, Ann Neville (I&H) Central Florida University Associate Professor
Miller, Charles Oliver 
Miller, Diane (RS) University of Georgia Director of Advising 
Mulholand, Robert Edward      
Murphy, Molly Utah State University    
Murray, Athena (RS) Colorado Mountain College Associate Professor of Communications
Myres, Jason (RS) University of Georgia Adjunct Lecturer  
Nowicki, Angela Nicole  (Married name is Blackmar) AFLAC Senior Producer  
Ogata-Jones, Karen (I&H) Clemson University Dept Chair & Associate Professor  
Palevitz, Caren Elizabeth       
Palmer, Hillary University of Georgia Lecturer
Parker, Rhonda (I&H)  Samford University 
Pierce, Lee Lecturer SUNY, Genesco  
Pittman (Abbott), Tara (I&H) Medical University of South Carolina
Ploeger-Tsoulos, Joanna - Deceased (RS)      
Poirot, Kristan (RS) Texas A & M University Director of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor
Porter, Emily Jan Non-Profit in Atlanta 
Powell, Kimberly (RS) Luther College Professor 
Radanielina-Hita, Marie Louise (I&H) University of Quebec in Montreal Assistant professor in Marketing communications 
Ramsey, E. Michele (RS) Penn State Berks Associate Professor 
Reid-Brinkley, Shanara (RS) University of Pittsburgh     
Rush, Katie (RS) Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH Public Health Analyst 
Scales, Monica (I&H) RTI International  Health Communication Reseacher 
Scheinfeld, Emily Nicole U of Texas at Tyler Assistant Professor 
Sheedy, Kristin (I&H) CDC Retired  
Silk, Kami (I&H) Michigan State University Associate Dean of Research and Director of Master's of Health and Risk Communications, Professor
Sloop, John M. (RS) Vanderbilt University  Professor & Associate Provost for Digital Learning 
Spalding, Sally (RS) Southeast Missouri State University Assistant Professor 
Spencer, Leland (RS) Miami University of Ohio Assistant Professor and Associate Chair;
Srader, Doyle (RS) Northwest Christian University     
Stokes (Quesinberry), Ashli (RS) University of North Carolina at Charlotte Full Professor
Sutton, Chadwick Alexander  
Thorson, Rae Amanda (RS)  MetLife Client Consultant, Atlanta, GA  
Thorton, Davi Johnson (RS) new job    
Tighe, M. Rachel (I&H) University of Virginia-Wise Chair, Department of Communication Studies 
Tim Curran (I&H) Utah State University Assistant Professor   
Tim Worley (I&H) Penn State University Assistant Professor  
Trego, Alison (I&H) Arizona State University Contract Faculty;  
Tuck, Sarah Mink (I&H) Mohawk Carpeting 
Turner, John Cameron Dartmouth College Director of Forensics Union
Valerie Coles (I&H) Savannah College of Art and Design  Professor  
Volkening, Lisa Slawter (RS) University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh 
Walling, Anna (RS)  Start Up Company in Denver
Watson, William Hays (RS) University  of Georgia Debate Head Coach
Wheaton, Patrick G. (RS) Georgia Southern University 
Williams Hilfiker, Sandy (I&H) CommunicateHealth, Inc.  Principal, Director of User Centered Design 
Williams, Melanie (I&H) Texas Public Health Dept.    
Wilson, Kathi (I&H) CDC    
Winderman, Emily (RS) University of Minnesota Assistant Professor
Winn, Laura (I&H) Florida Atlantic University Faculty 
Wolfe, Dylan (RS) Mercer County Community College 
Wong, Norman (I&H) University of Oklahoma Associate Professor 
Worley, Timothy (I&H) Penn State University Assistant Professor 
Wright, Lanelle Danise  (Married Name Strawder) Arizona State University Not sure of job 
Yachao Li (I&H) College of New Jersey  Assistant Professor   
Zuckerman Hyman, Cynthia (I&H) North Carolina State Advisor in Comm Studies, Doctoral Student in Public Affairs 

ATTENTION: If you would like us to add or update your information to one of our alumni list, email with the subject line "Update UGA Communication Studies (or Rhetoric) Alumni." Please include your full name, and current university (or other professional) affiliation; feel free to include other information, i.e. your job title or year of graduation/degree from UGA's communication studies program


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