Communication Studies majors receive instruction in both interpersonal communication and public communication. They acquire an understanding of both theory and application in these areas. They also become familiar with the methods of inquiry and research used by scholars in communication and rhetorical studies.

Majors are required to take Empirical Research Methods (COMM 3700) and also a methods course in Rhetorical Criticism (COMM 3300). Majors complete their programs of study with 21 additional hours of COMM courses in such topics as Nonverbal Communication, Persuasion, Health Communication, or Women and U.S. Public Discourse. At least 15 of these 21 hours must be upper level courses (3000 or above).

In addition to the major COMM courses, majors must complete courses related to the major or Area VI. This area requires two introductory Communication Studies courses, one multicultural course, training in new media, training in statistics, and one other general education course from a predetermined list.

(For a complete list of degree requirements and for course descriptions, refer to the UGA Bulletin)

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed with a grade "C" or better.
To register for upper division courses make sure you have met the prerequisites.

Area F/ VI: Courses Related to the Major - 19 hours

- COMM 1100* or COMM 2150H*
- COMM 1500* or COMM 2550H*

Culture Course: (Choose one course from the following)
AFAM 2000 or AFAM 2000H
CMLT 2400 or CMLT 2410H
ENGL 2400 or ENGL 2390H
FILM(AFAM) 2130;
HIST 2222
HIST 2502
RELI 1002 or RELI 2002H
RUSS 2050
COMM 1800
COMM (AFAM) 2810
WMST 1110 or WMST 1110H
WMST 2010 or WMST 2010H
Fourth semester of any Foreign Language

Choose one course from the following:
CSCI 1100-1100L OR
MIST 2090

- STAT 2000* or STAT2100H*

Additional Course: (Choose one course from the following)
CSCI 1210
ECON 1100
ECON 2105 or ECON 2105H
ECON 2106 or ECON 2106H
LING 2100 or LING 2100H
PHIL 2010 or PHIL 2010H
PHIL 2020 or PHIL 2020H
PHIL 2400 or PHIL 2400H
PHIL 2500 or PHIL 2500H

Major Requirements - Required courses - 27 hours

All major required courses must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better.
- COMM 3300
- COMM 3700
Choose seven courses from the following:
- 0-2 COMM courses at 2000-level
- 5-7 COMM courses at 3000/4000/5000-level

1. Required Course (3 Hours):
COMM 1100, 1300 or 2150H

2. Required Course (3 Hours):
COMM 1500, 2200, 2360 or 2550H

3. Upper Division Electives (9 Hours):
Select from any upper division classes except the internship (COMM 4910), directed readings (COMM 4930) or debate practicum (COMM 4920).

Residency Requirement: Students may transfer one or both of the lower division courses but they must complete all three upper division courses in residence.

Fifteen (15) semester hour credits are required to complete the minor.

All Communication Studies minor courses must be completed with a grade "C" or better.

Course Challenging Policy: There is currently no opportunity for students to challenge or test out of any required courses in the Communication Studies major or minor. Students who wish to apply for transfer credit or a course substitution may do so by filling out a Transfer Credit Form.

Regarding the prefix change from SPCM to COMM: The department's course prefix was previously SPCM. SPCM courses also count for the minor and major.